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The Return of Daniel Ortega (in Arabic)

Despite Ortega’s many flaws, the return of the Sandinistas to power creates the possibility that his challenge to the “savage capitalism” of the previous regime can genuinely benefit Nicaragua’s poor. (Translation into Arabic by

Abandoning the World Bank (in Arabic)

Pitfalls When Right and Left Agree. (Translation into Arabic by

Mexico’s Democratic Transition Still Incomplete (in Arabic)

A campaign of fear may have kept Mexico locked into the status quo. (Translation into Arabic by

Is Market Access the Answer to Poverty? (in Arabic)

While lavish agricultural subsidies illustrate wealthy countries' hypocritical stance on "free trade," ending them would be no panacea for human development. (Translation into Arabic by

Where’s The Jubilee? (in Arabic)

The G8 debt deal should provide an opportunity for us to claim our victories while still pushing for more. (Translation into Arabic by

The Last Porto Alegre (in Arabic)

Assessing the state of the World Social Forum after five years. (Translation into Arabic by

Seattle At Five (in Arabic)

Translation by ZNet Arabic.